Sunriver 08 Photos

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At the time of this posting, I have not yet been able to post the file which will enable you to download ALL sunriver photos in one click. That will be coming soon, hopefully later on today. There have been some problems uploading such large files. So for now, you can click the above image to be linked to the Flickr slideshow...enjoy!

NOTE: If you have a slow internet connection, clicking this link might be a faster way to view the photos.

Click this link to download the 1.06GB .zip file that includes all photos in full resolution.

Vegas Pics

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Photos from May 17 Weekend

Picture 3

For My Mama

Picture 2

The new know, from Lion King...


iChat is God

Picture 7

California Adventure Photos!


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California Adventure Videos!



Disneyland Videos


Disneyland For The Little Man!


Lil Marvin Durrr!


Watching Cars in Orange


New Photos


I've added new photos from when all the family went to have dinner at Tokies the night before Bompo's service. Here's to the Sushi Bomb! (That was for Mike....)

Saying Goodbye to Foster City


Well, after 22 years of living at the house in Foster City, CA we had to say goodbye. Its LA forever now. Well, at least until I can afford to buy it back someday. My immediate family lived there for about 25 years, and my grandpa had it built in 1968. It has housed us well and we all love it. Many memories make it what it is, and at least we will have those with us until we all get Alzheimer's. Anyway, here are a couple pics of us on our last day together at the house. Bye Eight Double O Meezy. 3411578 I love you! Sad