Mar 2008

07 Reel

Picture 2

I've posted my 2007 student reel in the Videos section. Check it out if you want.

Seriously, You Choose...


Remember those aliens in Men in Black who had to wear human skin over their alien bodies, and they never quite looked right? "Edgar.....your skin's hangin' off your bones."

Lil Marvin Durrr!


Snowboarding @ Mt. Bachelor

Hit the videos page for the snowboarding videos...



So here I am in SunRiver, finding myself around snow for the first time that I can remember. We made an awesome 5 ft tall snowman yesterday who is still standing tall, his name is Tupac! Click the pic above for more pictures.



This is a still frame test preview of a new project that I am working on in its very premature stages.

Watching Cars in Orange


Hubble Image of M104

This is an altered image from the Hubble Space Telescope showing the Spiral Galaxy M104, better known as the "Sumbrero Galaxy." It has been cleaned up to show the spiral arms of dust clouds getting sucked in to the center of the galaxy. Brownie points for the first person to leave a comment on this post who can tell me what is at the center of each Galaxy. The image below is the original image before the cleanup.


New Photos


I've added new photos from when all the family went to have dinner at Tokies the night before Bompo's service. Here's to the Sushi Bomb! (That was for Mike....)

Saying Goodbye to Foster City


Well, after 22 years of living at the house in Foster City, CA we had to say goodbye. Its LA forever now. Well, at least until I can afford to buy it back someday. My immediate family lived there for about 25 years, and my grandpa had it built in 1968. It has housed us well and we all love it. Many memories make it what it is, and at least we will have those with us until we all get Alzheimer's. Anyway, here are a couple pics of us on our last day together at the house. Bye Eight Double O Meezy. 3411578 I love you! Sad

Video Blog Test


Graduating May 17th!

Graduation 025

Finally, I will be graduating May 17th, 2008. I plan in June to be working professionally in the Visual Effects industry for Motion Pictures. I will keep you posted...

New MacBook Pro


So I got my new MacBook Pro, and its pretty darn fast. 15 " LED screen, 2.4GHz Intel Core2Duo, 4GB of RAM, 256mb graphics card, MultiTouch, and really good battery life. It looks identical to my last MacBook Pro but it is way better! Ok, thats all. Peace!

First Blog

This is my first blog. Hopefully I will be posting random blogs about anything I want.